Mon copain

The guy that I’m dating is the most infatuations thing. You know how they say the way he touches me says things words can’t. Well that doesn’t apply to him even just texting or talking about a movie I love the way he speaks everything is so real, it says things touching can’t, but when he writes it’s like sex on drugs, it’s so much more, iv always been attracted to musicians and artist more than jocks or clean cut people because of the way they show passion and emotion though what they do it’s like what sex is supposed to be but isn’t, it’s the raw carnal connections of human beings it’s showing there souls in a way they can’t hide, that’s why people won’t let you see there art or writing, it exposes them and his writing is just so real it’s like the divine clarity of a spiritual acid trip mixed with the haze of drunk emotions it’s infatuating and addicting but I’m not allowed to touch him!

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